Wroclaw the place to be!

Wroclaw is one of this places, the places you must visit at least once in your life! I have been blessed to live in the city for almost 3 years during studying at the University of Wroclaw. Ever since I come back, I fall in love over and over again. With all of the cultural attributes and diversion that popular destination offers an extraordinary experience. Having embraced Bohemian, Austrian and Prussian influences, the city has an unusual architecture and it is symbolised by its marvellous market square. Wroclaw is located on the Odra River and at times reminds me of London Thames. Gothic architecture lovers would find Wroclaw beautiful as the city has 12 islands, 130 bridges and riverside parks. More over, Wroclaw is not just beautiful. The city is a major industrial, commercial and educational centre for the region. All of the exciting events take place in Wroclaw and at the same time the city has several theatres, large volume of students and undoubtedly crazy nightlife. Being back to the city brings memories and unforgettable moments. Therefore, I could not be happier coming back here every single time. Yesterday I met with one of my best friends at the centre of Wroclaw in Etno Café. The Café is chick and at the same time modern place to get a cup of coffee. FYI, Agata she’s definitely the best person to find a great place to eat out, drink or just to sit down and talk. God bless her for that! Anyway, the place was sleek with gorgeous interior. We decided to go for an Areopress and a Chemex in order to experience the flavours of Guatemala Antigua. Our lives are strongly connected with a coffee world, thus we both enjoy unveiling new coffee places. The Etno Café is for sure one of the coolest places on the cultural map of Wroclaw. Having friends here give me the reason to come back every time I fly back to Poland. And it is not only me who thinks that Wroclaw is awesome! From the beginning of 2016, the city has been holding the title of the European Capital of Culture. Wroclaw is positively a place to be!


Christmas is knocking to our doors!



Temperatures have dropped dramatically. Shoppers got totally crazy about getting the best deals. We are all walking around to the sounds of Christmas. The time has come! December is getting closer. Media has thrown an enormous amount of Christmas Adverts. Long anticipated John Lewis advertisement has sparked Twitter backlash against the idea that parents buy presents for their children. People claimed that retailer killed the magic. So this year the price for the best Christmas spirit surely doesn’t go to Mr Lewis. If I could be the one to judge and if I could give a Christmas Ad Price, I would have given a big reward to Allegro, a Polish online auction website. Strategy went totally outside of the box. The situation presented in this particular ad reflects reality and come across like this could have happened to me. Simple “What are you looking for this Christmas?” features a Grandpa receiving English books from Allegro. He is studying hard every day to learn some essential English sentences. Presented in funny situations brings us joy and a smile on a face. Heart-warming and definitely one of the best-targeted ad in this festive season. To watch it all go on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tU5Rnd-HM6A&feature=share. A second honourable mention goes to the HM “Come Together” advertisement. Wes Anderson is back delivering an exceptional experience for HM customers. Well known for his “The Grand Budapest Hotel” gives the touch of his hand to the come together message. Seemingly, not very Christmassy. However, the ad switches to regular Christmas communication at the end. Very good tone, music and interesting story featured with Wes sense of aesthetics. Another must see this festive season! https://youtu.be/VDinoNRC49c

Mysterious Red Lips



 “If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack” Coco Channel

For ages I have been contemplating about the female power and the representation of their looks. Every time I put my red lipstick on I feel the bizarre change of the perception of my beauty among the male contingent. I sense their gazing and this weir sexual arousal in the air. Ever since, I wanted to find out a little bit more about the connotation and denotation of the red lipstick and the cultural meaning behind these sexy, pouty lips.

Red lipstick is solidly the most powerful symbol of female beauty and sexuality in the Western world. Nowadays, there is no colour that would not be suitable for the perfect pouty lips look. Researches consider two options to be truth. Either Ancient Sumerians or Ancient Egyptians are responsible for all that fuss around lipsticks. That might happened around 5,000 years ago and unarguably will last in perpetuity. Interestingly powered women in Ancient Greece were discouraged from wearing lipstick publicly, aside from prostitutes. What does that say about wearing bold lipsticks though? Typically lipsticks contained a deadly amount of toxic ingredients and have been used to differentiate social classes and ranks. Around 1500s English pastors attempted to censure wearing lipsticks as the devil’s work, however Queen Elizabeth I did not stop using lip painting, and more over a mixture of cochineal, gum Arabic, egg white and fig milk that made crimson lips one of the quintessential parts of Elizabethan fashion (Can we compare Elizabeth I to Kylie Jenner?). In 1770, the British Government made lipsticks illegal deciding that “women found guilty of seducing men into matrimony by cosmetic means could be tried for witchcraft.” Men were warning man of the lipstick power, sounds hilarious. Nevertheless, this did not stop women from using bright red lips in order to reflect their ideal canon of a white porcelain skin tone. Breakthrough took off in 1880s, when the Parisian cosmetic brand Guerlain had its first commercially success. Lipsticks were made of grapefruit mixed with butter and wax. Wearing make up became socially acceptable at the beginning of the 20th century. Very first manifestation of red lipstick was held in New York in 1912, where suffragettes protested on the streets wearing bright red lipstick. Ever since, red lip colour had become a symbol of female revolt. Maurice Levy was an American inventor of the first lipstick in a sliding metal tube that certainly had revolutionised makeup world.

Undeniably lipsticks have a long history in reference not only to the looks but also to feminine power. Coloured lips have been empowering women in order to look bold and unstoppable. It feels like freedom of speech and extra motivation for the day. We look beautiful and ultimately we feel beautiful. Wearing lipsticks give us an enormous confidence and faith in ourselves. Man does not anymore overwhelm us; we have the gun in the pocket, small sexy red weapon that can make a change. Does that mean we change the perception of our looks? Does that mean we feel sexier and we do actually use the feminine appeal? Are we a different version of ourselves? Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes… We solidly boost self-confidence and decrease the feeling of being not good enough or look not sexy enough. It is not an essential tool to be a powerful women, but that is a definitely a good start to feel sexy and empowered (no matter what colour we use).


London Life vs. Family Life


I have been living in London for over 4 years now and ever since London life was fascinating me. I would have never expected to live here when I was a kid. I grew up in a very small city overwhelmed with stereotypes and unbreakable social norms. Thus, moving out was the greatest thing I had been wishing for since childhood. The dream came true and I have established my life in the craziest city in the whole world (ok that might be an exaggeration, considering the fact I haven’t travelled a lot yet!). However, London is crazy indeed! After 4 years I have found circle of friends and have worked my way up. Recently, I graduated from the Middlesex University in Public Relations, Media & Advertising. Respectively, now is the high time to start long-awaited carrier. Wait a minute?! I am 26 year old and all of my dear friends have started having so called “Family Life”. They get a ring, fiancé, wedding, dog and of course somewhere in the end (or actually in many cases in the beginning) they are blessed with kids. Lately my dad started asking me about the grandson (ideally), even though that was my sister just getting married a couple of months ago. Those made me feel confused and consistently made me wonder.

The role of women? The duties and responsibilities we have assigned from the start. By the age of 30 we ought to own a house, know how to cook and please the husband, once he is finally home. Do not take me wrong, I am dreaming about such an idyllic picture. I can clearly see myself as a wife and a mother. But how about not predicting the time that blessing happens? I have heard that London is one of the most educated cities in Europe (BBC, 2016), seriously full of the opportunities! Why not to embrace them! I am not saying to wait with the family life, not at all! One friend of mine has a beautiful boy at the age of 3. She is the best example of how to maintain both, the family life and the career. She has just recently found a job in a digital advertising agency, and she is an incredible mom. Really! Once I found out she’s got a schedule with all of the events for kids around London in order to plan activities for her son. Commitment and hard work push us forward! I have met many miserable people in my entire life and honestly no matter how many problems I face on the daily basis, I don’t ever want to be one of these people. I would call myself a feminist. I entirely believe in equality and I’m absolutely against sexist people. Why women would not be entitled to get the same money for the exactly same working hours and duties as men? The Bank of England has recently released its latest figures pointing a gender pay gap of 26.4%. Isn’t that a lot? Anyway, that wasn’t my point, but it is always worth to stand up for significant cases.

I believe that creating balanced life is crucial. There is no estimated time to start either a family or a career. Have you heard of these people whom join the university in their senectitude? Some may think that’s insane idea. But why? Ok maybe this is the other way around, but who cares? Nobody dictates the rules of life. We are entirely free to make the call. Filmmakers found the idea fascinating enough to produce The Intern, an American comedy directed, written and produced by Nancy Meyers. Robert De Niro as Ben Whittaker at the age of 70 applies to a senior citizen intern program after retirement has become too boring for him. Great! And people do that! A dear friend of mine decided to travel the world instead of settling his life down after graduation. He’s hungry for adventures and wants to taste the world. That’s so brave! Who knows maybe he will find so much happiness on the other side that I will be finally forced to travel more!

London Life vs. Family Life isn’t a battle. These two can easily go together, separately or in any possible order. We should take day by day without being desperate of lacking career or family. Good things happen every day! So instead of worrying and listening to so-called “dictators” let’s enjoy small things and what life brings us.